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Cersaie fair 2017

360° of Mainzu in Cersaie

At Cersaie 2017, Mainzu presented new designs of ceramic tiles and an unusual application technology of glazes, while remaining true to the company's traditional 15x15 cm, 15x30 cm and 20x20 cm formats.

You can find detailed information about the new products of Mainzu in Cersaie 2017 in our NEW section:

The Atelier collection shows an interesting way to apply enamel, where the granules are added to the already enameled material, which allows to achieve the effect of an incomplete coverage of the tile with colored enamel. In the same way, the enamel is applied to the decoration, because in addition to interesting color solutions, a three-dimensional texture is also obtained. The decorated tiles will be made in several versions: with geometric and floral decorations.

The Glitter collection is created using the same granulation technology as the Atelier mosaic. The design of the tile is done in shades of gray cement, complemented by geometric patterns.

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Mainzu thanks all the attendees this year who have passed by his stand and hopes to see them again next year.