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Cevisama fair 2017

A tour of our stand

Traditionally, Mainzu produces tiles based on the history of Spanish ceramics, but following the most current fashion in interior design.

Colonial is a collection of 20x20 cm format, which includes pavement, siding and its corresponding decorations. In the pavement collection there are 3 decorations, in the cladding, also three decorations. We take the idea of ??this collection of history, the reasons used in the Colonial series correspond to the style and the time when Columbus discovered America.

For the exhibition of Cevisama 2017, Mainzu has added new colors to the Full Metal collection: Full Cooper and Full Golden. The enamel is applied to the surface of the tile, which gives it a metallic shine. This series is designed for wall covering, it is produced in 15x15 cm format. The tile is convex, made in the form of "pads". It is recommended to use this collection in combination with the Atrium base tile in the appropriate colors.

Atrium is a collection of wall and floor tiles with a marble finish, available in four colors: white with beige veins, white with gray veins, white with pink veins and black with white veins. The coating is made in 15x30 cm format, the pavement in 20x20 cm format.

The Concrete collection includes three basic tile colors and decorations. The series is made in a discreet style, closer to the Scandinavian style. The inspiration for creating the collection was the floor of the Victorian era. The tiles are made in the 20x20 cm format with a thickness of 9 mm. It can be used both on the floor and on the floor.

The Pillow collection is based, once again, on the effect tile Bombato, in the form of "cushions". The only difference is the interpretation of the base tile, which is not convex, is more concave. The colors are saturated, on the one hand, but calmed by the other. All decorations are sold in square meters. You can create interesting combinations using both the base and the decoration. The Pillow collection comes in two colors: red and blue. The base tile is complemented with cream color, which is suitable for decorations and other basic colors.

In addition to this year's novelties, other well-known and popular Mainzu collections were presented at the factory stand: Diamond, Duomo, Verona, Esenzia.

You can find all our new series and pieces in the News section.