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Novelties cersaie 2017

The new series presented at the fair of Cersaie 2017

At the Cersaie 2017 fair, located in Bologna (ITALY), Mainzu has presented the following series:

Quattrocento, Art of the Renaissance.
Collection inspired by one of the most important periods of the European artistic scene, which has its origin in Italy. Characterized by the recovery of antiquity, totally unknown artists began to receive petitions from the great aristocratic families of the period.

Three Capitals, Classical Forms. Decorative motifs.
Travel through central Europe with this collection which includes Prague and its bohemian air, the imperial city of Vienna and Budapest, the pearl of the Danube.

Artigiano, Reactive effect and Crackle.
Collection based on our beginnings, when our production was made by a craftsman in decorative arts. When we made decorative pieces and with final art that reflected a manual process, with reactive colors and craquelés. When every color, effect, feeling of our pieces was something unique and impossible to repeat.

Atelier, Recovering the past. Decorative arts.
ATELIER is a collection of urban character and inspired by those large urban workshops, which were mainly large and diaphanous places, conducive to creativity, to artistic creation, where they practiced both artisans and painters or sculptors. These emblematic places have often been converted into large lofts today, and are still preserved as a historical and architectural heritage of the city.
The ATELIER piece is a 15x30 metalized and aged format base, on which we have applied a low temperature flux granule to give it a brightness and an appearance that reminds us of watercolor painting.

Glitter, smooth and shiny surfaces.
It consists of several pieces designed for smooth surfaces with a shiny and textured appearance. It comes in four colors that can be combined with its decorative pieces.

Aranjuez, The mythology of Aranjuez.
Historical reference of Mainzu with more than 20 years of old recovered and worked with updated designs and the new technologies of injection.

Zen, Diseño elegante y exclusivo.
Esta colección es nuestro homenaje al arte abstracto oriental. Aquí las formas sencillas?escamas (uroko), ramas (eda) y líneas (sen) trabajadas y pensadas minuciosamente dan lugar a gran variedad de posibilidades decorativas.

Mainzu thanks all the attendees of this year who have passed by their stand and hopes to see them again next year.


Quattrocento Natural
The three capitals
Artigiano cream
Artigiano marine
Atelier paradise
Atelier Totto
Glitter Silver Moonlight
Aranjuez mitologic
Zen Sen Black