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Mainzu is a pioneer company in ceramic tiles Founded in 1964, the company located in Vila-real, it has been on front line of a sphere inconstant evolution, specializing on small formats and the quality related to the standards of the sector.

Such evolution has been modulated in accordance with the strategy decisions taken over the years, them had been based on differentiate us from our competitors, the innovation and early internationalization.

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The change started on 1993 when Mainzu realized that began to be new demands and accordingly the company changes the production of only its traditional zocalo to an important addition, creating a new line of products of size 20x20, of a second oven specialized on this format. In 2000 the company released its new collection EstilAntic to start a new format 15x15.

Manufactura Industrial Azulejera has always leaded because of its innovations, which objectives are a large production and high quality standards. The company was the first one in the spanish ceramic industry to introduce a computerized control system, that made the quality control more efficient with the viewing real-time production.

An important fact was the change of the old oven in 2002, responding to the growing demand of our products, to increase the production to 8500 sqm.


The most important and technologic change came with the high resolution, since 2010 the adaptation of this new technology made possible searching for new limits on the field of enameling, allowing our designers reach further levels of realism, details and purity. At the end of 2011 the large demand made essential to adjust every enamel line to this technology and to extend from four to six colors our chromatic shape.

Everyone of our high resolution inkjet printer are placed inside a specially isolated room to avoid the entrance of external particles and to keep a regulated pressure an temperature inside.

In the scope of production system also stands out the storage of the goods, that is completely covered, maintaining the high quality standards of the product and package.

These decisions, together with our bet for searching and adapting to exportation markets, carry results not only in terms of stability in times of economy difficulties, but also in relevance inside the sector. That is why, as a company, Mainzu is due to values that combine the best of Valencian tradition and constant innovation.


MAINZU 'The Workshop Factory' tries to translate into each of its ceramic pieces a large number of designs, trends, colors and graphics. All of them born of the own internal design or of the design acquired externally of great designers as of the practically unknown samll artisans. Allways trying that our tiles are the main character of each and every one of our events, presentations and collections.

Catch the attention with what we best know how; to translate into ceramic all the trends detected and developed. And all this with the best presentation and staging that we are able to develop for our ceramic manufactured shows.

Our design is our ceramic, our design is our unique brand, always testing out ability to draw the future.