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Cevisama 2018

Mainzu has participated in the Cevisama 2018 international trade fair, where it has remained true to its style of small-format tiles and Mediterranean decorations, combined with bright oriental-style ornaments.


The Colombina series was born as an updated vision of the classic trend. Soils with soul, that evoke to the terrazzo of the houses of the 70s, accompanied by Serena decoration, a renewed hydraulic, without a doubt the great protagonist of all decorative pavement. This collection is available in three colors: 'gray', 'black' and 'purple', presented on a 20x20 format with a thickness of 9mm, which allows it to be used on wall and floor coverings.


The Mandala collection is the answer to combining styles and enhancing creativity in each space. Unite imagination and knowledge of the latest trends in interior design. Coverings full of volume that do not leave indifferent. This series is available in the 20x20 cm format. The bases of the Mandala series are characterized by the effect of aging and a slight relief, giving the tile a kind of handmade majolica.


The Forlì series is the search for singularity, fostering interest in the past. Worn forms and living materials such as clay seduce today a society that does not stop innovating. The decorations are made in the form of colorful ornaments, as in traditional ceramics. The use of clay in Mediterranean interiors is considered a "classic", not losing its relevance. The Forlì collection is available in 20x20 cm format with a thickness of 9 mm. This series can be used as both flooring and siding. The collection includes four basic colors (beige, white, brown, gray) and five types of decorations.


The Hispalis collection represents homes full of tradition bathed in an atmosphere of brightness and color. Decorated with Moroccan handmade essence with a contemporary touch, created through elegant geometric patterns, full of tones that suggest light and luxury. Hispalis is available in 15x30 cm format. The Hispalis series is considered a universal decoration that can be combined with different collections, such as the Catania series.


The Bumpy series shows the passion for metallized, with its reflections, lights and shadows. Exclusive decorations in which forms, microtextures, subtle volumes and the game of glitters and mattes, become the allies of a vanguard design. The collection presented in a 10x20 cm format is designed as an interior covering.


The exhibition of collections in Cevisama 2018 was completed with the Atellier, Zen and Artigiano collections, presented during the last Cersaie 2017 fair.

You can find detailed information about the new Mainzu products in our NEW section.


Mainzu thanks all the attendees who have passed by his stand and hopes to see them again next year.


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